Welcome to the Blanco family! The four of us are Disney people through and through, but, living in Connecticut, we unfortunately can’t be at the parks all the time. When we find ourselves driving back north after a magical Disney World vacation, we renew our commitment to keeping the spirit of Disney World alive at home. This can be done through obvious touches, like preparing favorite Disney dishes or watching classic Disney movies, but the most important component is more abstract. This goes beyond the Disney characters and parks themselves – the secret to Disney world is a balance of science, business, and art that creates immersive entertainment. Walt Disney, with the help of his more pragmatic brother, Roy, and a number of talented animators and Imagineers, brought his dream world to life. He created a place where music is always playing, flowers are always blooming, and people celebrate every day. At home, we apply the inspiration and adventurous spirit that we find in the Disney parks to the “real world,” add beauty to everyday things, and remember to always, always, keep dreaming and doing. Join us on our mission to continue to keep those values alive outside of the parks!

My name is Martin and I started this project with my children Kathryn and Matt as an extension of our annual trips to the Walt Disney World Resort. My wife is a physician which has afforded me the privilege of being a full time stay at home parent for 17 years.  Prior to that, I worked in the performing arts.  I will soon be returning to full time work as a high school English and Theatre teacher.  We have been privileged to enjoy at least one Disney trip a year during this time. We love going and hate leaving, but we try to bring the joy of these trips back home to sustain us between visits.  This blog is an outgrowth of this aspiration.

Hello! My name is Kathryn, I’m seventeen years old, and I have been to Disney World too many times to count. At home I loves to read, write, and attempt to draw. To me, the most wonderful part of a Disney vacation is the joy that simply being there, even without riding a single ride, brings. My favorite way to combine Disney life and home life is remembering to be excited about the world, whether it’s science, music, history, or foreign culture.

My name is Matthew. I love drawing and cooking. I play soccer and baseball for my school. My favorite place to be is in Disney enjoying a nice vacation with my family. I love everything about the parks and they are like a second home to me. I hate leaving but when I come home I try to preserve the Disney aura as best I can. And I want to share ways to do this for other people as well.

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