Kids Are Home from College – Disney World is Closed – Time to Reboot DISNEY AT HOME

2015 through 2018 maybe 1060 (2)photo: Martin Blanco

We hope that you are all healthy and successfully maintaining the social distancing required to mitigate the spread of COVID 19.

It’s been two years since our last post.  This project began when our children were in middle school.  It began as an extension of our annual visits to the Walt Disney World Resort.  Not only did we have great fun at Disney World, but the visits also inspired us to do well in school, pursue our interests with passion, and cultivate curiosity about the world.

While we never developed a large following, we had a lot of fun and learned a great deal about blogging and web pages.

Once the children moved to college, the project faded.  From time to time, we talked about writing some more posts, but we were busy with other commitments. Now we find ourselves in a curious situation.  Because of the global pandemic, the children are completing their college semesters at home.  Also, Disney World is closed.

So, while the parks are closed and while most families are hunkering down, we thought we might once again share some of our experiences.  I hope you enjoy our offerings and if you like, write back with some of the things you do to nurture the magic of Disney World in your home.

c. DISNEY AT HOME April 15, 2020

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