Disney at the Movies – Day 2

Pinocchio Day 2

Pinocchio is now 80 years old. photo by Martin Blanco

Disney at the Movies – Day 2

  1. Cartoon Shorts    The Clock Store and The Band Concert
  2. Main Feature      Pinocchio
  3. Live Action          Babes in Toyland

The main feature, Pinocchio, had its world premiere on February 7, 1940 and was released on February 23.  Disney’s second full-length animated feature is every bit as beautiful and emotionally engaging as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  80 years after its release, many of the songs are still culturally relevant, especially “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

This pairs well with an early Silly Symphony feature called The Clock Store (1931).  This black and white short’s artistry is simple compared to the later films in the series, but it’s not without substantial charm.  We like it alongside Pinocchio because the animators bring elaborate timepieces to life in imaginative ways that prefigure the more detailed clocks and toys that you’ll see in Gepetto’s workshop.

Next up we recommend The Band Concert.  This exuberant piece from 1935 was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon filmed in color, and it also raised Donald Duck to star status.  Once upon a time, outdoor concert band performances were one of the most popular forms of entertainment, which is beautifully captured in this cartoon.  Mickey Mouse, adorned in a handsome red outfit and possessed with much gravitas, recalls the great composer and band leader John Philip Sousa.  Mickey is determined to conduct the overture to Rossini’s opera William Tell (more familiarly known as the theme from “The Lone Ranger”) despite disruption from a terrible storm conjured by the music itself, and an obnoxious Donald Duck intent on playing “Turkey in the Straw” on a discordant flute.

Finally, we’ll end the evening with Babes in Toyland.  This delightful 1961 film is a liberal adaptation of Victor Herbert’s operetta of the same name.  Some of Herbert’s famous music, most notably “Toyland,” appears alongside new songs composed for the film.  The impressive cast includes Ray Bolger, Annette Funicello and Ed Wynn.  At the center of the film is a toyshop worthy of Pinocchio’s father Gepetto.

This evening is full of toys, clocks, color and fantasy.  The corn is popped, and we are ready to embark on Day 2 of Disney at the Movies.  Hope you enjoy this!

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c. Martin Blanco, Kathryn Blanco, and Disney at Home April 23, 2020

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