Fantasia at the New York Philharmonic

1145_NYP_FANTASIA_2520x936 (2)Technical difficulties and busy lives kept us from posting for awhile.  We are back just in time for a special Disney event.  Tonight we’re off to Lincoln Center to watch scenes from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 accompanied by a live performance of the music by the New York Philharmonic.    We’ll write a “review” or at least our thoughts on the overall experience when we return.

Two years ago we attended a similar event.  The NY Philharmonic featured highlights from PIXAR films accompanied by live music performed  by the Orchestra.  Of course we enjoyed the clips, but listening to the music performed live was a great treat, particularly since the live orchestra infused the music with a richness that you don’t get from a recording.   It didn’t hurt having the music performed by an elite ensemble either.

Fans of PIXAR know how distinctive each of their films are.  The different styles of the films naturally required  music that reflected these differences.  If memory serves correctly, they showed the opening sequence from Up which functions beautifully as a complete silent movie unto itself.  The music told the story with affecting grace.  Contrast this with the wild,  modern big band jazz sound of The Incredibles.   In Ratatouille, we heard the sounds of Paris in the jazz age, and Toy Story gave us the music of an American childhood.

These events are a great way to introduce children to concert music while experiencing favorite films in a new way.

More to come later.


c. May 20, 2016

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