Pandora – The World of Avatar scheduled to open up on May 27, 2017

Pandora – The World of Avatar is scheduled to debut in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park on May 27th. This project has been years in the making under the direction of Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde. Disney has begun working on this project with Avatar’s director James Cameron after the premier of the original movie and in light of the coming sequels. The new land will take the place of Camp Minnie-Mickey, an area for character photos in the park. The guests once crossing over an old military bridge into the land will experience the exciting and magical new world of Pandora set years after the original movie, guided by the futuristic tour group Alpha Centauri Expeditions. Once there you will be able to immerse yourself in the Na’vi culture through their, language, world, food, and customs. In Pandora you can soar on the backs of your own Banshee in the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction, take a boat ride through the bioluminescent forest in the Na’vi River Journey attraction, or even walk under floating mountains towering above your head.

Shopping in Pandora is unique just to the land. In Windtraders you can find everything from bioluminescent shirts to your own robotic banshee with unique sounds and actions. You can even make yourself into your own Avatar! And when you get hungry there is a perfect way to satisfy your stomach at Satu’li Canteen. Here you can experience traditional food made from the natural ingredients found in Pandora. And if you’re thirsty, go head over to Pongu Pongu or “Party Party” in the Na’vi language, where you will find a unique new drink and snack experience like no other on Disney property. So go check out Pandora – The World of Avatar on May 27th this year and be sure not to miss it!






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